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     Your session will take place in a warm, comfortable room with soft music playing. The massage therapist (who has received certified training in a variety of techniques) will inquire about your general health and your preference for a particular massage technique and pressure. Your massage therapist will then leave you to undress, relax on the table and cover yourself with a clean sheet or towel.

     During the session, you will be properly draped. Only the area being worked on will be exposed at any time. A light oil or lotion may be applied to permit your muscles to be massaged without causing excessive friction to the skin.

     Massage and bodywork are most effective when your body is not resisting. It is important that you immediately communicate any discomfort so that another approach or pressure may be utilized.

     Feel free to ask a question about massage or bodywork in general, or about the particular technique you are  receiving.

     Please call me to set up an appointment or receive further information.  (805) 459-6571

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