Celestial Souls

Healing Arts

Teresa Doyle, LCMT

777-C Pismo Street

San Luis Obispo, CA

(805) 459-6571

     Teresa  Doyle is the owner of Celestial Souls Healing Arts and has been a facilitator of healing in San Luis Obispo for over a decade. Her unique combination of positive energy, joy in assisting others to heal their bodies, and the technical training she has sought makes her an excellent facilitator.  The healing methods she brings to each session are dependent upon the focus of the individual client and provide the client with what is needed at that particular time.  Teresa has completed:

        - Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute's

             Massage Technician  Program;

        - Professional Massage Therapist Program with

             Hirudaya Holistic Life Center;

        - Upledger's Cranio-Sacral Therapy I/II;

        - Somato Emotional Release I;

        - Richard Barr's one year Energitics course;

        - Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Lomi-Lomi I/II; and

        - Many nine day Hawaiian workshop retreats where she also


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